The Sharpless 82 is a small emission nebula, surrounded by a spectral blue reflection nebula. These two nebulas lie ahead a vast and variegated dark cloud of dust, shaped like a eagle wing, that absorbe the light from distant stars. The whole complex takes place in the small Sagitta constellation.
Equipment: Exposure details: Location:
Telescope: FSQ106N
Mount: EQ6
Camera: SBIG STL-11000M
Filters: SBIG LRGB
Luminance: 40x10min
Red: 6x10min
Green: 6x10min
Blue: 6x10min
Rachia, Veroia, Greece
N 40o29'00.0" - E 22o12'55.0"
27 June 2009
Image details:
Acquisition: MaxImDL Reduction/stacking: MaxImDL RGB weights: G2V Star
RGB combine: MaxImDL LRGB creation: Photoshop CS3
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