Messier 35 (also known as NGC 2168) is an open cluster in the constellation Gemini. The cluster is scattered over an area of the sky almost the size of the full moon and is located 850 parsecs (2,800 light-years) from Earth.
Equipment: Exposure details: Location:
Telescope: RCOS 12.5 Open Truss
Mount: Paramount Me
Camera: SBIG STL-11000M
Filters: Baader L
Luminance: 15x3min
Rachia, Veroia, Greece
N 40o29'00.0" - E 22o12'55.0"
17 March 2014
Image details:
Acquisition: MaxImDL Reduction/stacking: CCDStack
RGB combine: CCDStack L creation: Photoshop CS3
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