The M13 is a globular cluster in the Hercules constellation and contains more than 100,000 stars. Towards its center, stars are about 500 times more concentrated than in the solar neighborhood. The age of M13 has been determined as 14 billion years and the distance 25,100 light years from Earth.
Equipment: Exposure details: Location:
Telescope: RCOS 12.5 Open Truss
Mount: Paramount Me
Camera: SBIG STL-11000M
Filters: Baader LRGB
Luminance: 5x3min
Red: 5x3min
Green: 5x3min
Blue: 5x3min
Rachia, Veroia, Greece
N 40o29'00.0" - E 22o12'55.0"
22 April 2010
Image details:
Acquisition: MaxImDL Reduction/stacking: CCDStack RGB weights: G2V Star
RGB combine: CCDStack LRGB creation: Photoshop CS3
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